Hello & thank you for visiting Crystal Healer LA!🌴✨

My name is Pia and I am an artist/designer and crystal healer.

The purpose of this brand new website is to provide you with information for the services I provide:

Trans-Crystal Therapy, also known as Crystal Healing.

Sessions take place at my home in North Hollywood, California and last about an hour.

Reasons to come for a Crystal Healing?

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stressed out, anxious, nervous, tired or worried.

Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck or blocked. It happens to all of us.

Maybe you just need an energy tune up. You want to feel calm, relaxed and at peace again.

Or maybe you’re just curious about alternative medicine.

Another reason? You want to activate your own healing powers!

A crystal therapy session can definitely help with all of the above.

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Want to know more about me?

You can read my bio here. I am also on Instagram @crystalhealerla & @metaphysical_vibes