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Hello! My name is Pia. I am a Crystal Healer from Los Angeles, CA; certified in Trans-Crystal Therapy. I am also a Light Language practitioner and Tarot reader.

I was born in the Philippines, arrived in the US in 1984 with my mom. I lived in a few places (St. Louis, San Jose, San Francisco, Philippines) but grew up mostly here in LA, specifically Glendale. I am a student of magic, metaphysics, spirituality, psychology, tarot, alternative therapy and the healing arts; I realized over the years that I have taken courses, collected and read lots of books on those specific subjects.

My main 3 astro signs: ♐️Sagittarius Sun ♎️Libra Moon ♒️Aquarius Rising

My story: my mom passed away in 2006 from Stage IV Ovarian cancer. I was lost and in a dark place for years after that event. As an artist, I found myself attracted to occult imagery and symbolism and started to incorporate it into my artwork even though I had no real understanding of what it all meant.

Then around 2012 I began collecting healing crystals & stones for personal use and learning to read Tarot. I had no prior awareness or interest in crystals whatsoever although I did love the movie “The Dark Crystal” as a kid.

But that was it. Little did I know that 30+ years later, I would encounter minerals again and that they would take me on an adventure of learning, discovering and healing myself; as well as having the desire to assist others in their own healing. And so here I am.

Why do I call myself Crystal Healer LA?

I don’t think people are going to Google my actual name as much as they do “crystal healer”. It’s really for SEO purposes. I’m not the only Crystal Healer around but it just so happens that the domain was available so I took it.😊

Why do I call myself a ‘healer’?

It’s easier than calling myself a “facilitator of universal life force energy”. The truth is, we are all healers – it’s all a matter of remembering it. I also believe that when we visit another healer, our self-healing powers are awakened.

Am I the right the person for you?

That really depends on you, I may not be for everyone and that’s okay. All I can do is put myself out there without forcing anyone to choose me. I completely understand that it’s important to find a person that you do like and don’t mind hovering around your energy field aka your aura.

The best way to get to know me is to visit my Instagram to see if I am the right person for your healing needs.

My training & education:

The learning never stops for me, I am always learning something new. Below is a short list of amazing people I’ve learned from over the years; there are countless others but these are the ones I’ve invested time & energy into by supporting their work:

Crystals, Tarot & Developing Intuition – Naha Armády
Energizing Your Heart & Soul Centered Biz Marketing Program – Hibiscus Moon
Many Moons Workbook – Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
Mindfulness & Meditation – Jessica Snow
Sacred Symbols Oracle & various online transmissions – Marcella Kroll
Tarot Skills – Jessica Dore
Trans-Crystal Therapy – Patricia Bankins
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I & II – Aimee Bello
Various online transmissions from Maryam Hasnaa
YouTube videos on Psychic Development from Krishanti
and lots of books.

More about me:

I have a background in art, graphic/web design and marketing. I currently work fulltime as a web/graphic designer/marketer in Woodland Hills, CA.

I also have an online-only crystal shop. Visit Metaphysical Vibes

Social Links: Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter


If you have any questions, please email Pia: crystalhealerla@gmail.com

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