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Hello! My name is Pia. I am a Crystal Healer / Trans Crystal Therapist from Los Angeles, CA; certified in Reiki & Trans-Crystal Therapy.

I am a student of magic, metaphysics, spirituality, psychology, tarot, alternative medicine and the healing arts; I realized over the years that I have taken courses, collected and read lots of books on those specific subjects.

Short story: it all started when I began collecting healing crystals & stones for personal use in 2012, I had no prior awareness or interest in crystals whatsoever although I did love the movie “The Dark Crystal” as a kid. But that was it. Little did I know that 30+ years later, I would encounter minerals again and that they would take me on an adventure of learning, discovering and healing myself; as well as having the desire to assist others in their own healing. And so here I am. I will write the long version one of these days.😉

To make an appointment for a Reiki or Crystal Healing session:


Training & Education:

Below is a short list of amazing people I’ve learned from; there are countless others but these are the ones I’ve invested time & energy into by supporting their work:

Crystals, Tarot & Developing Intuition – Naha Armády
Energizing Your Heart & Soul Centered Biz Marketing Program – Hibiscus Moon
Many Moons Workbook – Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
Mindfulness & Meditation – Jessica Snow
Various Online Transmissions from Maryam Hasnaa
Sacred Symbols Oracle & Various Online Transmissions – Marcella Kroll
Trans Crystal Therapy – Patricia Bankins
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I & II – Aimee Bello
and lots of books!

More about me:

I have a background in art, graphic/web design and digital marketing. I currently work fulltime as a web/graphic designer/marketer in the San Fernando Valley.

I also have an online-only crystal shop. Visit Metaphysical Vibes

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If you have any questions, please email Pia: piasanjose@gmail.com

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