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Words of Wisdom from The Nap Bishop

I’ve been inspired by The Nap Ministry’s Instagram page lately. It’s an Instagram page dedicated to Black liberation through rest, naps, sleep, dreaming and seeing those acts as reparations and resistance. In the capitalist-patriarchal world we live in, we work and do too much; we must rest just as hard as we work.

2020 has been a difficult time and I wish I could say something profound but I don’t.

So I’m just going to leave you with these words of wisdom from The Nap Bishop:

Rest today.
Find 5 minutes of silence to daydream.
Put something soft next to your skin.
Drink so much water.
Take a nap.
Don’t explain why we are uprising.
They know.
The grief and terror of white supremacy is
rough on our hearts and bodies.
Please rest.

– The Nap Bishop / The Nap Ministry

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Book Cover Appreciation: Pranic Psychotherapy – Choa Kok Sui

If you know me, then you also know that I am a nerd when it comes to visuals and graphic design – it’s what I do for a living when I’m not doing Reiki / crystal healing on the weekends.

I was talking to someone and they mentioned that they do pranic healing. Of course I was curious so I Googled it and discovered a (new to me) teacher by the name of Master Choa Kok Sui. I believe finding his work was not a coincidence; I am looking at his photo and I feel as if he is smiling at me. I have found a new teacher and guide. And now my goal is to collect and read all his books. It also delights me to know he was of Filipino-Chinese descent – I am also Filipino.

I copied and pasted this from my Google search:

Master Choa Kok Sui is the founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He has established healing centers in 45 countries and is constantly traveling amongst the different ones giving workshops and seminars. He is also a chemical engineer and a highly successful businessman in the Philippines. Google Books

Born: August 15, 1952, Cebu, Philippines
Died: March 19, 2007, Quezon City, Philippines

So there you have it. I just wanted to save this book cover because it was eye catching and has a vintage feel to it. And of course I love rainbows and all things healing.😊

To my surprise, Master Choa Kok Sui had also written a book on Pranic Crystal Healing; here is the book cover.

From what I gather so far, pranic healing sounds similar to Reiki except it is a no-touch healing technique. I can’t wait to order his books and read them all.

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How to Spot Red Flags from a Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Metaphysical Practitioner or Teacher

A very important Instagram post from Lacey aka @hypepriestess regarding how to spot red flags when going to a psychic, spiritual healer, practitioner or teacher. Please read the comments on the post as well as they are just as valuable.

It’s no surprise that scammers and con artists exist everywhere, even more so in the spiritual / metaphysical industries. Please vet the person you choose to go to for healing and guidance; look at their website, social media pages and feel free to ask them questions about their services. The keyword here is transparency.

The word “authentic” is also getting used a lot these days, although in my personal opinion – people can still hide behind authenticity and put one over you. Practice discernment and use your intuition to alert yourself if someone feels ‘off’ to you.

A major red flag is when they never show their face. Make sure the person you choose has real videos of themselves talking or saying things from their own perspective, rather than putting up pretty, aestethically pleasing pictures and inspirational quotes from everyone else.

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This has weighed on my mind and spirit for a while now, and I know @fulltimewitch has loads of discussions on this, but i wanted to speak my peace. I’ve also had wonderful discussions with wonderful teachers and healers in my life, @luneinnate and @angelamarymagick – thank you for being my earthly guides in this life 🙏🏽 I’m not 100% ready to talk about my personal experiences yet, but I do want to put out some info I’ve witnessed and stories I’ve heard throughout the years of manipulation via healers/witches/practitioners in a state of power and/or teachers. If you go into a class or with a practitioner and you notice a sense of hierarchy, that they believe they’re better than you – run. Do not go into a class or a healing giving that person your power – do not put them on a pedestal – if they are able to administer a healing modality, then so can you. Don’t succumb to psychic manipulation and don’t go broke over it either. If your physical or energetic bodies or your guides are telling you something is off, trust it. To scammers, harmful “healers,” ego-driven practitioner’s, and appropriators – we’re sick of what you’re doing, and we’re calling it out. To pay so much time and money to learn the first time – and then to have to UNLEARN harmful practices – do yourselves a favor and trust your instincts and use HEAVY discernment. Not all healers are created equally. Just because someone is in this industry doesn’t mean they’re fully healed or that they are even honest or truthful. Be aware. What red flags have you experienced and/or do you watch out for when signing up for a holistic class or healing session? . . . #hypepriestess #magic #highpriestess #badasswitch #foolsjourney #boss #selfmade #tarot #witch #chakras #santaana #orangecounty #dtsa #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #holistic #manifesting #authenticself #spiritualcoach #intuitivecoach #gohypeyourself

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What Is Energy Healing?

I saw this on @HypePriestess’ Instagram story and wanted to post it here, which led me to to borrow the image ::waves hello to both of you if you happen to see this::

It’s just a perfect little summary to explain what I do, except I work with the energy of crystals and stones so it’s called “Crystal Healing”.

It says in the image:

Everyone has 4 “bodies” of energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

While they are independent of each other, if one of them is out of balance, you will feel lack and discomfort in your life (usually with health, relationships, or money). Just as you heal your physical body through exercise and diet, there are also methods of healing your other energy bodies.

Do a Google search and you’ll discover that there are many types of energy healing with a variety of names such as:

Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Middle Pillar, Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Quantum Touch, Reiki and so much more.

The energy healing modalities I am trained in are Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Trans Crystal Therapy. I have combined these two modalities into one – Reiki Crystal Healing. If you are in the Los Angeles area and wouldn’t mind coming to my home North Hollywood, you can book a session at Crystal Healer LA.

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How Do Crystals & Stones Heal?

This is one of those questions that is difficult to put into my own words. It’s one thing to experience the healing power of crystals and stones (which I have), another thing to explain them.

So I’m going to cheat and give you a link to an article from a person who can explain it way better than I ever could.

Not only is she a crystal expert that backs the information she provides with science & metaphysics combined but she’s been offering online courses and certification in crystal healing for some time now.

So please read Hibiscus Moon’s blog post on How & Why Crystals Have Healing Properties

I didn’t know why & how crystals worked when I started buying them around 7 years ago. All I knew was for whatever reason, I was drawn to them. I can look back on it now and understand that I was drawn to them because I had some healing to do.

There is still so much to learn about this amazing universe we live in but I definitely have a better understanding of how crystals and stones can heal.