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Is Energy Healing the same as Energy Work?

You probably hear the terms “energy healing” and “energy work” often, as both terms tend to blend into one another. The question is, are they the same? If not, then what is the difference?

This is just my own interpretation of the differences between Energy Healing and Energy Work so bare with me as I attempt to explain.

Energy Healing is the process of healing your energy or those who come to you through the use of a variety of different energetic or alternative medicine methods.

Still sounds vague. But what does that mean exactly?

It means you are actively working on healing yourself by getting to know which of your chakras are open or blocked. The chakras are wheels of subtle energy that generate the electromagnetic field around our body that is more commonly known as our aura or energy body. If one of your chakras is blocked, you will have difficulty with certain issues with your life. For example, if your 5th chakra is blocked or spinning very low or not at all – you will have difficulty speaking clearly and expressing your wants and needs, as the 5th chakra is associated with the throat. Whether this is done through seeing an energy worker, healer or practitioner or even doing it on your own is based on your personal preference / experience.

Examples of energy healing could involve going for a Reiki or Crystal Healing session.

Energy Work is the process of working with energy and intention to achieve certain results. Again, it can be done by yourself or by going to an energy worker, healer or practitioner.

But again, what does that mean?

When we work with energy, we are working with the unseen forces of nature to create or achieve a certain outcome or result. In most energy workings, the goal is to achieve balance, inner peace and harmony within the self’s inner and outer world.

To put it simply: our thoughts create our reality.

In order to achieve this, you or the energy worker must be trained or experienced in doing meditation, visualization and breathing techniques on a regular basis to bring your subtle bodies – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – back into balance. In doing so, your body, mind and soul/spirit are whole again.

Examples of energy work could involve you meditating, balancing your chakras, repeating mantras or affirmations, lighting a candle for a specific outcome or even writing your thoughts in a journal.

Some say Energy Work is similar to Manifestation and I can see why; both processes involves working with energy and intention.


Energy Healing and Energy Work are terms that are used frequently in the wellness and healing industries. Although they may sound very similar, there are some subtle differences:

Energy Healing is using energy or alternative medicine methods to heal yourself or others.

Energy Work is the process of creating the energy you want around a certain outcome. For example: wanting health, inner peace and healing for yourself.

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