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What is a Crystal Healer?

If Crystal Healing is a form of energy work that involves the use of crystals…

then a crystal healer, or crystal therapist – is a person who works with the energy of crystals and stones to assist a person in their healing.

But, what exactly is healing?

Healing is the term most commonly associated with energy work. Energy workers, also known as energy healers work with life force energy to restore a person’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies – collectively known as the subtle body – back to a harmonious and balanced state. The crystals and stones are energy healing tools that hold a resonance (earth and cosmic energy) that aids in the healing process. The person receiving the healing is raising their own vibration to match that of the healing practitioner and the crystals and stones being used.

A crystal healer can facilitate healings with or without certification, although these days most people take the certified route – especially if you intend to accept clients. Some healers have learned the ancient art of crystal healing through reading books or just trying it on their own while others have taken courses online or in person and received certification.

Since we exist in a world where often times people need proof, a certification acknowledges that the person has undergone training to properly facilitate a healing. It is up to you – the individual – to decide whether you prefer someone who is certified or not.

It’s much more important that you vibe with the energy healing practitioner you have chosen to assist you than a certification, so as always do your research and follow your intuition. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

Not all crystal healers are the same, meaning some have learned different ways of working with crystal energy. While most are familiar with the ‘laying of stones’ technique on the 7 chakras of the subtle body, other crystal healing techniques include Crystal Reiki, Crystal Surgery, sound and Trans Crystal Therapy – which is my specialty.

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