Not Available – In-Person 60 Minute Crystal Healing Session – North Hollywood, CA


This listing is for a 60 minute, in-person Crystal Healing / Crystal Therapy session. I (Pia San Jose) will be the one conducting the healing. You, me, the crystals & stones and source energy will be working together to help you heal yourself.

Sessions take place at my home in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

The people who live with me are my husband James and my cat Tabby, it is a quiet and peaceful home.

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How it works:

Once purchased, email me: so we can schedule a day & time that’s convenient for you. My address and phone number will be provided once an appointment has been made.

What to expect in a Crystal Healing Therapy session:

+ We will talk for a few minutes to see what issues you would like to work on
+ You will then lie down on a massage table, fully clothed.
+ A pendulum will be used to assess the spin of your energy centers (chakras)
+ Crystals and stones will be placed on the body
+ Quartz crystals will also be pointed to certain parts of your body; essentially charging, clearing and balancing your aura

What to wear:

Please dress comfortably as you will be lying down on a massage table, shoes off.

What can happen during a session?

Every person is different, so it really depends what’s going on with you. Most people experience deep relaxation, while others feel energized. Whatever happens, know that the experience is perfect for you.😊


I am close to: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, SF Valley, Burbank, Hollywood, NoHo, North Hollywood, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Valley Glen, Valley Village


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