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How to Spot Red Flags from a Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Metaphysical Practitioner or Teacher

A very important Instagram post from Lacey aka @hypepriestess regarding how to spot red flags when going to a psychic, spiritual healer, practitioner or teacher. Please read the comments on the post as well as they are just as valuable.

It’s no surprise that scammers and con artists exist everywhere, even more so in the spiritual / metaphysical industries. Please vet the person you choose to go to for healing and guidance; look at their website, social media pages and feel free to ask them questions about their services. The keyword here is transparency.

The word “authentic” is also getting used a lot these days, although in my personal opinion – people can still hide behind authenticity and put one over you. Practice discernment and use your intuition to alert yourself if someone feels ‘off’ to you.

A major red flag is when they never show their face. Make sure the person you choose has real videos of themselves talking or saying things from their own perspective, rather than putting up pretty, aestethically pleasing pictures and inspirational quotes from everyone else.

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This has weighed on my mind and spirit for a while now, and I know @fulltimewitch has loads of discussions on this, but i wanted to speak my peace. I’ve also had wonderful discussions with wonderful teachers and healers in my life, @luneinnate and @angelamarymagick – thank you for being my earthly guides in this life 🙏🏽 I’m not 100% ready to talk about my personal experiences yet, but I do want to put out some info I’ve witnessed and stories I’ve heard throughout the years of manipulation via healers/witches/practitioners in a state of power and/or teachers. If you go into a class or with a practitioner and you notice a sense of hierarchy, that they believe they’re better than you – run. Do not go into a class or a healing giving that person your power – do not put them on a pedestal – if they are able to administer a healing modality, then so can you. Don’t succumb to psychic manipulation and don’t go broke over it either. If your physical or energetic bodies or your guides are telling you something is off, trust it. To scammers, harmful “healers,” ego-driven practitioner’s, and appropriators – we’re sick of what you’re doing, and we’re calling it out. To pay so much time and money to learn the first time – and then to have to UNLEARN harmful practices – do yourselves a favor and trust your instincts and use HEAVY discernment. Not all healers are created equally. Just because someone is in this industry doesn’t mean they’re fully healed or that they are even honest or truthful. Be aware. What red flags have you experienced and/or do you watch out for when signing up for a holistic class or healing session? . . . #hypepriestess #magic #highpriestess #badasswitch #foolsjourney #boss #selfmade #tarot #witch #chakras #santaana #orangecounty #dtsa #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #holistic #manifesting #authenticself #spiritualcoach #intuitivecoach #gohypeyourself

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