Tarot Magic

Informal Tarot Readings

photo of tarot aces

This is an informal tarot / talk therapy kind of session.

I’ve been reading Tarot for myself for 7 years now but never really offered it as a service. But if you’d like a Tarot reading, we can certainly do one together. Together meaning, we will sit side by side and either you can shuffle and I pull cards or we take turns; you will interpret them based on first impressions and I will be helping you of course.

It’s all about engaging your magic and intuition. Because everyone “sees” and interprets the Tarot different, instead of me reading for you – you and I will be sharing our own insights.

Bonus: I’m always open to exploring other decks so if you have your own Tarot cards and would like to use them, feel free to bring them!😊

These sessions are pretty much informal and dynamic; treat it as if you and I are friends just casually looking at the cards. It’s better to look at the cards when you’re open and in a relaxed state; staying open allows other ways of looking at a situation or relationship.

Please note: I’m not psychic so I’m not here to predict your future or anything like that, but we can certainly look at the Tarot together and see if there is anything that jumps out at you or something that you might want to pay close attention to in the near future.

Remember, your thoughts create your reality.

Instead, we look at your current situation through the Tarot and maybe some possible energies that might be coming in or going out. All we are doing is gaining insight, perspective, and some possibilities on life stuff.

Reading tarot also helps us to recognize synchronistic people and events in our lives, nothing is ever set in stone and anything and everything is possible. Remain open to all the possibilities.

Sessions take place at my home in North Hollywood, CA. Most likely we will be sitting on the carpeted floor in my healing room.

How do I schedule an appointment?

1. Email me directly, my name is Pia: crystalhealerla@gmail.com

2. The cost for a 1 hour tarot session is $25