James B.

As a child I was intrigued by minerals and crystal rocks. I saw them at museums and stores. As an adult I learned they had metaphysical properties that even intrigued me more. I learned about Reiki healers. I was having stress issues with work, and life, as well some physical issues with my leg due having slight hip dysplasia.

A friend of mine said that she had a good friend who did Reiki healing and she suggested that I give her a call. I wondered how the healing process is going to be, I was a bit hesitant as I didn’t know what to expect. I visited Pia and was greeted into her home. We chatted a few minutes and she guided me to where we would begin the Reiki healing session. She was friendly and explained the process.

I had a brief talk with her about what was going on with myself and we began the session. It was an hour long session, but it was peaceful, I did feel things going through my body as we went into the session, tingling in my arms and legs, I can only know that crystals do conduct energy, I felt it through me. Now as anyone is reading this, I had my doubts, but when you believe in something it is there. I have had a few sessions with Pia. I tend to come back again for future sessions. It helped me a great deal.

– James B.