Trans-Crystal Therapy

What is Trans-Crystal Therapy?✨💎✨

Trans-Crystal Therapy is an alternative healing method that involves the laying of stones. Crystals and stones are placed along the chakras or main energy centers of the body. By doing this, balance is restored in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Trans-Crystal Therapy also involves Chelation with Quartz crystals

Chelation with Quartz crystals is the process of running energy throughout the body by pointing crystals at meridian points. The chelation process charges, clears and balances the aura.

How long is a crystal healing session?

Sessions typically go from an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, the chelation part takes up most of the session.

What happens during the crystal healing?

That depends on what’s going on with you. Every person is different and experiences will vary. Some people go into deep relaxation and fall asleep, while others are actively releasing blockages. You might feel an increase of energy, you might also ‘travel’.

What are the benefits of Trans-Crystal Therapy?

+ Deep Relaxation
+ Stress and Anxiety Relief
+ Release from Mental/Emotional Blocks and Negativity
+ Increased Peace, Clarity, Awareness and Insight on a Problem or Long Standing Issue
+ An Increase of Creativity and Personal Power
+ An Increase of Awareness and Sensitivity to Subtle Energy
+ and so much more.

How should I dress for a crystal healing?

Comfortable clothes as you will be lying down on a massage table for an hour, fully clothed of course. You will also be taking your shoes off.

What is the cost?

The cost is $80 for an hour long session, $120 if you would like to include Reiki in your session.

Other things I should be aware of?

Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy works in conjunction with your regular visits to a doctor and is not a replacement for actual medical care. Please seek professional help if you feel like something is truly wrong.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Go here to book a session